Our history

A look ahead

APA GROUP has a long story behind its shoulder, built around two key strenght: dynamism and innovation capacity.

Its history begins in 1987, the year of foundation of Alvex Srl. Later, in 1991, a joint venture, with shares exchanges, was realised between Alvex Srl (by Venanzio Oprandi) and POLIMAX Srl (by Lorenzo Gorman): that was the first example of a farsighted company strategy.
Still in 1991 it was the turn of Almax Srl to be established. The next year, in 1992, a warehouse of POLIMAX Srl was created in Pomezia (Rome). In 2001, almost ten years later, the warehouse was turned into an independent company, the POLIMAX Roma Srl.
Another step, in 2003, was the establishment of Fimax Srl. Finally, in 2004, here's the birth of Apa Group Holding Srl, deputed to conduct control in the operating companies. Later, in 2008, the group acquires Plastservice Srl.

2015 was a turning point year as the Group decided to reorganizate the company and so the brand new APA GROUP SPA was born between the fusion of the holding and the old six companies: Alvex Srl, Polimax Srl, Almax Srl, Polimax Roma Srl, Fimax Srl and Plastservice Srl.

Nowadays, the Group counts a revenue of over € 30.000.000,00, selling 8.000 tons of PC - PMMA - PVC and other materials: the Group propose itself to the international market as a solid, renowned company able to trasform its own experience in continue innovations.